Design and construction of exhibition booth

Exhibition stands


Exhibition booths with original and unique design - one of the most effective ways to attract the potential customers to products and services that your company provides.
For this reason, you should pay the special attention under the choice of the booth  starting from the booth  design and ending by installation of the booth in the exhibition hall. During the work on exhibition booth you must consider and determine the number of components.
Floor covering - it may be carpet specially used in the exhibition construction or a laminate of different colors and configurations.
Sometimes we offer floor podium. Podium is used to fix parts of the booth  - the various forms of arches, friezes, and other elements of the stand, which are attached to the floor. An important part of the booth construction is electricity. As a rule our customers would like to have very bright and beautiful booth. When you order the exhibition space please don't  forget to check what electricity power you are offered by fair's organizers. From our side we will provide installation of a switch and electrical appliances for booth lighting (such metallogalogen, spotlights, long arm lights,  fluorescent lights, etc.).
During the design preparation  we often use decorative lighting, which makes your booth very specila, beautiful and unique. And finally, the furniture. Do not forget to plan how you would like the negotiation zone will be look like - tables, chairs, sofas, arm chairs, coffee tables, etc.
Think if you  need a bar zone and how it will look like.
If you thoroughly  consider the components of the stand, you can easily manage both the process  of booth design, and construction process and will get the most positive result.